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Pony Infirmary and Other Happenings

Poco is home! After six days in the clinic Poco came home on Thursday afternoon. He still isn’t back to 100% yet. Most of the time his breathing is very normal but his respiratory rate is still higher than it should be at times. He came home with six different medications and a chart to help us keep it all straight.

Poco in his stall at the clinic; although he looks pathetic here he looked a lot more pathetic when he had his IV lines attached

Poco especially hates having his face washed so I did show some mercy and left his head alone but washed the rest of him

On top of the three ponies Lexi had her left hind stifle injected and had to stay in for three days. She started slightly dragging her toe on the left hind so I had the vet exam her as well. She flexed positive on the left hind stifle which did not make my day. So we did several x-rays and thankfully I now know her stifle joint is perfectly clean! However the vet said he thought he could feel some extra fluid around the joint when he palpated so we think she banged it on something or did some random thing to her leg and maybe had some slight inflammation.

If all of that wasn’t enough Sparky the donkey had a swollen hind leg yesterday. Sparky is the most accident prone animal on this farm! Sparky had cut on his hock and a bit of heat in his leg so he is now on SMZ’s twice a day and a daily betadine scrub. I keep a dry erase board in the aisle of the barn for special instructions as needed. It is usually blank – now it is full! Mostly with Poco’s zillion different medications.

I get a headache just looking at it

Dustin grazing in the alley

Teddy and Lucky got tired just watching the boys going back and forth

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