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Quick Trip

Jason and I had a quick (very quick!!) getaway from the farm for a couple of days. It was my first day off since May 2010 and it was quite nice. We were briefly in Lexington, KY and, as always, we admired the gorgeous thoroughbred farms. As we drove along on Paris Pike and passed one perfectly pristine, manicured pasture after another Jason made the comment “they sure know how to stripe a pasture here.” So we began grading the different farms on their striped pastures, with some earning very high marks for their perfectly even and prominent stripes and some being graded just above ghetto status (the term ghetto being used jokingly of course) for their faint stripes. As we drove past thousands of acres of picture perfect pastures surrounded by freshly painted fences we saw maybe 50 horses total actually occupying any of the pastures. No wonder the pastures all look so perfect!

Inevitably our conversation turned to how cheap Lexington real estate is and how we should buy a horse farm there and move to Lexington. We have this conversation any time we are in Lexington. As always we nixed this idea quickly due to the Lexington winters. I started pulling up the Lexington weather records on my phone and said “never mind, not doing the winters.” If you are from the north I’m sure a Lexington winter looks pretty mild. When you are from the south a Lexington winter looks cold, snowy and long.

We stopped briefly in Bardstown, KY on the drive back from Lexington. Bardstown is home to the residence Federal Hill which inspired the words to the state song “My Old Kentucky Home.” We stopped by My Old Kentucky Home to have a look at the house and grounds. The place was quite charming, however both Jason and myself were ready to throw large rocks at the speakers that were continuously playing “My Old Kentucky Home” when it started on the sixth loop of the song.

Bardstown also has a very nice, very well preserved town square. There was a ‘wild turkey’ made from a bourbon barrel (Bardstown claims to be the Bourbon Capital of the World) on the town square complete with a saddle. Jason happily climbed aboard the turkey for a photo op, and I present the evidence for your viewing pleasure below. Clearly Jason needs his stirrups shortened by a few holes!


Jason riding the “wild turkey” in Bardstown, KY

Chimano and Fonzi napping with Faune and Winston hanging out

Cuffie, Cinnamon, MyLight and Maisie

Kennedy, Stormy and Clayton

Tiny and Johnny

Thomas shaking after a good roll

Renny with Alex and B-Rad behind him

Happy grazers; Chimano, Fonzi, Silver, Romeo, Gus, Asterik and George

Winston and Faune

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