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Quiet Weekend and Monday Pictures

The last few days have been fairly quiet, and also very pleasant, around the farm. Ivan has been acting 100% normal since our episode from Thursday. I did have a panic attack Saturday morning as I saw a grey horse down in the field as I was walking out to feed breakfast. As I got closer I realized it was Homer simply having a nap and not Ivan. Then on Sunday morning Ivan was napping as I went out to feed breakfast. Ivan is a huge napper and this is not unusual for him but seeing Ivan anything under than standing up makes my heart skip a few beats. Thankfully as soon as he spotted me with breakfast he popped up and was one of the first at the gate to greet me.

The sun also made a welcome return this weekend. The sun had all but abandoned us the last couple of weeks but thankfully remembered that we were still here and in need of some sunshine this weekend. It is supposed to remain sunny with pleasant temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s this week. The mud around the gates has dried up considerably already and should be gone after tomorrow. I am thrilled about this but the horses not so much!

You of course remember the adorable pictures of

Levendi showing us his lovely face, he is an Oldenburg and retired show hunter. Behind him are Apollo and Ivan. Apollo is a Hanoverian and retired dressage horse. Ivan is a Thoroughbred and retired Grand Prix jumper.

Snappy has been around the world more than once. He was bred in Poland and somehow made his way into the barn of Mark Todd, the famous New Zealand eventer. Mark competed Snappy through the four star level in eventing before selling him to someone in the U.S. This person then crashed Snappy at a cross country fence. After tendon surgery on borh front legs he resumed a new career as a show hunter. He won the World Champion Hunter Rider Children’s Hunter Final at the Capitol Challenge horse show and was circuit champion at the Winter Equestrian Festival.

Cuffie having a bath. I fear he has turned yellow until spring. It is impossible to get his long hair that is coming in clean and he looooves to roll in the mud.

Lightening, Chili and Clay. Lightening is an Arabian and retired from the trails. Chili is a Quarter Horse and was a working cow horse and trail horse.

Faune, Asterik and B-Rad

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