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Repaired Camera

Jason asked if he could have the camera for awhile today. I handed it to him thinking two things. My first thought was how nice it was of him to help me take some pictures of the horses for the blog. That is a daunting task to keep up with and I was really appreciative of the help. My second thought, which I verbalized to him, was that the lens on the camera was not retracting correctly when the camera was turned off. I told him to expect it and not to be surprised when the lens didn’t retract all the way and was still exposed after being turned off.

Jason and I have a joke that when it comes to things like cameras, computers, printers, smartphones, and basically anything to do with technology that he can break a piece of equipment simply by looking at it. I do go through two to three cameras each year taking pictures around the farm. I stopped buying nice cameras years ago and stick with inexpensive point and shoots now because they simply get too dirty, or rained on, or dropped, and generally take so much abuse as they get lugged around the farm that they don’t last. They don’t have a chance at a long life being carted about the farm and dropped in the dirt repeatedly.

Imagine my surprise when Jason handed the camera back to me awhile later and the lens was fully retracted and covered. I asked him what he had done to fix it. Of course Jason had no idea that he had managed to fix it and was as surprised as I was when I pointed out his camera repair skills to him. I think he was wishing he had remembered that the camera was broken in the first place so he could pretend he had intentionally fixed it. So maybe Jason does not just break computers and cameras that are in good working order simply by looking at them. Maybe he can also repair broken computers and cameras just by looking at them?! We might need to put this theory through further testing.

Oh, and Jason did not take pictures of horses. My assumption that he was trying to help me with blog pictures was incorrect. He wanted the camera to take pictures of the dogwood and redbud trees that are blooming right now. All in all I am not complaining since I did get a fully functioning camera handed back to me. It was still an unexpected surprise!

Jason’s pictures of some of the trees in bloom at the farm.


Sebastian and Sam

Dutch, Renny, Wiz, B-Rad and Alex

Silky and MyLight

Clayton and Johnny

Thor, Noble, Merlin and Fabrizzio


George, Silver, Lotus and Gus

Faune and Gus

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