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Scarlett O’Hara Moments

Our wonderful vet from Tennessee Equine Hospital was at the farm today. He was looking around and commenting, as he often does, that when he thinks of the perfect life for a horse our set up is what he thinks of. It is always nice to hear these things from your vet!

As he continued looking around and enjoying the view he noticed a broken fence board. This is pretty out of character for us so he commented on it. The broken board was in a section of fenceline that separates a pasture with mares from a pasture with geldings. Jason feels like his second job is keeping this section of fenceline in good repair.

I told the vet that I had actually seen the board be popped off this morning and already let Jason know that we had another board to repair. I then told him that Jason loves to make declarations about things from time to time. I call them his “Scarlett O’Hara” moments. You know her line from Gone With The Wind, ” God as my witness I shall never go hungry again!”

I’ve already told the story about one of Jason’s Scarlett moments. As we went about our epic 4 year search for a new farm one of his declarations was “With God as my witness I will never pick up another rock again!” Well, we all know

Buster, one of the pet cows

Thor and Lightening

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