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Smart Saddle, Jonas

I found this post, about the new Voltaire Blue Wing saddle, very interesting. Described as the world’s first Smart Saddle, the Blue Wing has some interesting features. The saddle has a smart tree designed to flex with the horse and provide a perfect fit. Voltaire claims, through studies at UC Davis, that the saddle fits so well it lowers the horse’s stress levels. I’m not sure I buy that claim, I would like to see the details of the study myself, but it would be great if it is true. The Blue Wing also communicates with your smart phone to transmit data such as:

  1. How long you rode your horse

  2. How much time you spent at each gate

  3. The length of your horse’s stride

  4. It will let you know if your horse goes more to the left or right

  5. It will tell you how many jumps you jumped

  6. It can tell you the speed you went

  7. After you ride the same horse five times in the saddle, the saddle recognizes the horse

The saddles start at $6,900.00, or for a one time price of $15,000.00 you can be serviced with Blue Wing saddles for life. It will be very interesting to see if this starts a new trend in saddles.


In other news, unless you have been living under a rock you’ve been hearing non-stop about winter storm Jonas. If our forecast stands we will miss the vast majority of Jonas. Our forecast has recently changed and they have increased our potential snow accumulation tomorrow afternoon to 1.9 inches. This is not to be confused with 1.8 inches or 2.0 inches. I expect to go out in my yard tomorrow evening and measure precisely 1.9 inches of snow.

Our potential winter precipitation for Wednesday was a bust, rain only. Carter has wanted to build a snowman for the last two winters. Since we didn’t have measurable snowfall for the last two winters his snowman building dreams have remained unfulfilled. Maybe Jonas will deliver and he can finally build his snowman. For his sake I hope we get some snow. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!




Trigger and Tony

Donovan and Oskar eating hay . . .

. . . Oskar says “can you get that camera out of my face? I’m trying to eat.”

Rubrico and River


Grand and Rip

Toledo and Johnny

Homer and Convey

Elfin and Hemi

George, Gus and Asterik

Cocomo and Flyer

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