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Spiderman Pillow and More Hay

Jason has put in more than his fair share of hours on the tractor the last few days. He was complaining about the uncomfortable seat on the tractor (I will admit it does need to be replaced) and that he was tired of bouncing around on it through the fields. We had to make a run to the co-op for a few supplies so we went into the nearest store to see if they might have any seat cushions. The nearest store happened to be a Dollar General. I have to admit I’ve never been in a Dollar General before. If you ever need cartoon themed paper plates and cups for a birthday party my gosh they have a very wide selection.

While they had a plethora of party favors and such Dollar General did not have any seat cushions so we went to the pillow section to to find Jason a temporary substitute. We selected a Spiderman pillow. Jason really wanted a Spongebob Squarepants pillow as we are both Spongebob fans, but alas there were no Spongebob Squarepants pillows to be had. He passed on Cinderella (really Jason, you don’t want to sit on a Cinderella pillow while on the tractor??) and Shrek and a few others.

We exited Dollar General with Jason clutching his Spiderman pillow and looking as happy as a five year old boy. It was a good thing he was smiling since he had to wrestle with the hay tarps again later in the day. Wrestling with the tarps definitely wiped the smile off his face. As I mentioned in our last post the

My view through the windshield the last couple of days

Fuzzy Punch

Wiz and Clay

Darby, B-Rad, Sebastian and Alex

Dutch and Murphy

George looking most displeased at having a bath

Missy, MyLight and Cuff Links

Tiny; that is Rocky hiding behind him

Romeo and Gus

Clayton and Toledo were having a great time

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