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Spring Clipping Marathon

Towards the end of last week I started the annual spring body clipping marathon. From a temperature perspective we’ve had a really nice spring which meant there has been no rush to start clipping the non or poor shedders. With only one exception every horse we need to clip has Cushing’s/PPID.  As of today we’ve done thirteen body clips and have about 10 more to go. I don’t clip every day as, of course, we also have other things to do, and on my clipping days I clip 2 to 4 horses per day. When I’m done I undress on the porch and head straight for the shower. During “clipping season” I take allergy meds daily, it significantly cuts down on the sneezing fits. I also wear a mask to cut down on the amount of horse hair and dander I inhale while clipping. Since I’m often asked this question, I use Andis Progress clippers to body clip. I send my clippers and blades to Gil’s Sharp Shop in Pennsylvania to have the clippers serviced and the blades sharpened. No one will service your clippers better or get your blades sharper than Gil, hes’ the best!

I always worry about what Maisie is going to look like under her dull winter coat . . . 

. . . but she is one of the most satisfying horses to clip every year. She always has a gorgeous shine waiting underneath

Cuffie and Lily both staring at Carter who was continuously sweeping up hair for me

Lyle and Jo, the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, watched me clip Apollo

At 18.1 hands there is a lot of Apollo to clip . . . 

. . . but he stood like a statue and looked great when he was done

Squirrel and Sushi were both really good for their clips but they would not cooperate for after pictures. That was the best one I got, they just wanted to return to their normal schedule of doing whatever they want whenever they want.

Gracie, Charlotte and Maggie

Missy and Jake

Maggie and Diamond

Cinnamon and Missy

Maggie, Maggie, Diamond, Gracie and Penny (and Traveller and Cuffie )

Maddie, Gracie and Penny

Traveller, Charlotte and Maddie

Alfie and Taylor

Dawn and Penny (and Traveller)

Cuffie and Cinnamon

Maisie and Lily

Alfie and Bruno

Havana and Renny

Duesy, Art and Merlin

Baner and Sport


Dooley, Renny and Cody

a closer look at Dooley

a closer look at Renny and Cody

a closer look at Cody

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