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Spring Jobs

I know it is spring when Jason is sowing grass seed in the pastures, looking at the daffodils in bloom, and trying to tame manes. All three of these things have been happening over the last few days. We will overlook the fact that the daffodils are blooming about a month later than usual and instead celebrate the fact that they are finally here.

Today the thermometer topped out at 78 F (26 C). For much of the morning and early afternoon Jason was most perplexed by my choice of clothing. I had on jeans, a 3/4 sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, and my winter coat for the first half of the day. He had on shorts and a shirt and was sweating. Once the thermometer hit about 70 F I made it down to my jeans and shirtsleeves. However according to Jason wearing a sweatshirt and a coat when it is 65 F means I should have been drowning in a pool of sweat which was far from the case. Apparently we will always have this North vs. South theme going on.

I didn’t shed my coat or sweatshirt until about noon when the temperature made it over 70 degrees

on the other hand Jason was in shorts and a shirt (and sweating)

Spring always means it is time to tame the manes that I have happily neglected during the winter. I don’t know what I dislike more, looking at manes that are way too long or dealing with manes that are way too long. I love a neat and tidy mane, I just don’t like being the person that gets them that way. I don’t know why but I have never liked pulling and tidying manes. I have had plenty of time to think about how much I dislike mane duty the last few days, and will have a lot more time to ponder it over the next couple of weeks.

our daffodils finally bloomed a few days ago; they are about a month late this year

Jason, Carter and I continued to enjoy the perfect weather well into this evening. We spent some time sitting on our back porch looking at our stray cat that Jason so valiantly defended from the opossum. The cat sat about 30 feet away at the edge of our yard looking at us. This is as close and interactive as we are allowed to be with our stray cat. Jason has taken to calling him Oscar so I hope he is, indeed, a male.

our stray cat, Oscar, staring at us from 30 feet away

We also had a new resident, Bruno, join us recently. Unlike many of our residents Bruno had a very short trip to our farm as he came from our local area. Bruno is a Holsteiner gelding retired from a career in the hunters. When I met Bruno it brought back fond memories of how my dad would always say “another white one?” each time a new grey horse arrived at the farm.

All in all the last few days have been pretty great and we hope they have been for you as well!

our newest resident Bruno; doesn’t he have great expression?


Levendi had the droopy lip going

Trigger and Homer (who also had the droopy lip going)

something had Merlin, Walden and Noble all bug-eyed

Sparky and Timbit

Apollo and Hemi


Sebastian and Alex


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