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Spring or Summer or . . .?

I was positive it was summer, I really was, until last week. Thursday through Sunday morning we had almost non-stop rain. Every now and then the rain would stop for awhile – never doing chore times of course – but it always started again with a vengeance. I think the highest temperature we saw during those days was 74 degrees. I have lived most of my life in the south and I don’t ever remember A) four days straight of heavy rain or B) four days straight where the high temperature barely cracked 70 degrees (21 C) during the month of July. Just to be clear I’m not complaining about either of those things. Normally in July we are sweating bullets, both literally and figuratively, hoping that it rains while simultaneously wondering how hot it is going to be each day. It was like having April in July and it was very strange.

The rain finally cleared out on Sunday morning. We aren’t sure exactly how much rain we got as our rain gauge was overflowing, but it was definitely more than six inches. Then Mother Nature flipped the switch and by Tuesday summer had returned full force. The high the last three days has been 90 degrees. Last July we were setting records for the high temperatures. I liked last week’s approach better, we were setting record lows for the high temperature in July. Usually when we are setting weather records it isn’t all that fun to be a part of it but last week wasn’t so bad.

I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to ask what Mother Nature will have in store for us for the rest of the summer.


Donneur and Lofty

George and Gus with Lotus in the background


Silver, Romeo and Flyer

Levendi and Moe

Hemi and Thomas

Thor and Lucky

Chance and Leo


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