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Spring Work

Whenever we’ve had a couple of dry, sunny days in a row the last couple of weeks – which has been a rare event – Jason has been doing spring pasture maintenance. His first task was reseeding cool season grasses wherever he thought it was necessary in the pastures. Reseeding happened sporadically over the last couple of weeks. Most of the time it has been much too wet to be driving equipment out in the pastures, but he finally managed to get what should have been a couple of days of work done over a two week period.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were all dry days with some sunshine so Jason was able to get back out in the pastures yesterday afternoon and today to spread fertilizer. It was still a little too wet in some areas but with more rain the forecast he had to make do with the ground conditions he had and bypass a few areas. We typically do a split fertilizer application and fertilize in early spring for the cool season grasses and again in late May for the warm season grasses.

The next few days won’t feel as springlike as the last couple of weeks with cooler temperatures in the 50s and 40s, but spring has still arrived. Our daffodils are bloomed out and done, the pear treas are in full bloom, the redbuds are almost in full bloom, and the soil smells alive again. I also saw my first fly a few days ago. It’s been nice over the last couple of weeks to watch the spring transition come to life. Spring in the south is a slow season, with different varieties of grasses and trees all greening up at different times over a period of 6-8 weeks. When we lived in Vermont I was amazed at the speed with which spring happened. It went from winter to spring and in full bloom over a 10 day period. It was amazing to watch but I enjoy having an earlier, longer spring.

Jason spreading fertilizer


Jo the goat waiting me for to open the feed can and hand out treats


Igor likes to curl up on horse blankets


Duesy, Hesse and Fabrizzio


Havana and Cino


Remmy and Merlin


Paramount and Lighty


Homer, Levendi and Moe


MyLight and Calimba


Calimba and Charlotte




Renatta and Lily


Chance and Convey grooming


Remmy, Alfie and Taylor


Cocomo and Donneur


Gus and Rubrico


Hesse and Art


Asterik and George


Revy and Cisco

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