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Technology Meltdown

Last week found me having more than one toddler-sized temper tantrum as my computer officially decided to melt down. I have everything backed up to the cloud but there is no way I am going to attempt to manage my insane volume of pictures that I take every week on my phone. I was also completely unwilling to blog from my phone.  I guess unwilling was a steady theme with me as I found myself without a functioning computer.  I vented and had tantrums and expressed my unhappiness and inconvenience to Jason nonstop. In the midst of my gnashing of teeth and feeling sorry for myself I ordered a new computer. Then I had to get all of the files and programs transferred from the old computer to the new computer. Then I had to realize that some things worked differently on my new computer. Then I couldn’t get my QuickBooks file to open in QuickBooks. Then I finally convinced QuickBooks to open my data file, and I couldn’t get the payroll function working properly. I had to call Intuit. If you’ve never had to call Intuit, it’s comparable to calling Comcast.

In the midst of all of this I simultaneously purchased a new computer for my mom. Hers was old and needed to be upgraded, so I decided I should deal with both of them at the same time. I had all of her files and programs transferred and got her new computer all set up. I walked her through the basics of where to find her usual programs. We made sure she could print files properly. Everything seemed to go well. The very next morning I get a text from mom, “where is the power button on this computer?” This was in the midst of my QuickBooks meltdown. To my mom’s credit she eventually found the power button all on her own.

I could keep going with my technology related tales of woe, but I’m trying to put my technology trauma behind me. I’m publishing this blog on my new computer. My mom is being a trooper and getting comfortable with her new computer. Life is good.

Taco and Happy

Happy and Quigly

Bear and Sebastian

Elf, Bear and Indy

Doni, Ralph and Fendi

Blu, Ascot and Elf

Lighty and Johnny

Gus grazing under a pretty morning sky

B-Rad and Blu hiding in the woods

Gus, Cocomo and Silver

Gibson and Donneur

Fendi and Moses


Lotus and Romeo

Bittersweet and Bear

Paramount, Digby and Sam

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