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The Sun Returns

Our snow that came down early this week had all melted by Wednesday afternoon. The sun graced us with its presence today and our temperature started climbing up towards a more normal level. Our normal daytime highs for this time of the year would be in the mid 50’s. Some days we have barely reached 40. Jason said the weather forecaster on the news tonight said this was the third longest period since weather records have been kept when we haven’t reached at least 50 degrees during the day. Hmmph, I don’t like setting these records!However spring is clearly on the way. The cool season grasses are greening up, the geese are back in the pond, and most of the horses are shedding. Some have a decent amount of hair coming off of them, others are barely shedding. It will not be long before I am breathing in large quantities of horse hair all day long. We’re still breathing the lovely aroma of skunk hair in the barn. It may have lessened slightly, but we’re at five days and counting. I think I am starting to somewhat get used to it. Tomorrow is another farrier day and I am off to make my list.Leo and Apollo celebrating blanket freedom with a nice, muddy roll. Why can’t they roll in the grass?? Thomas gets in on the action as well even though he still has a blanket on.

Another beautiful sunset over the farm

Winston and Faune

Homer, Thomas and Apollo

Levendi, Elfin and Ivan

Tony, Chance and Ivan were all squeezed together hanging out

Thomas and Elfin

Levendi; what a cute face he has



By Thursday our snow had melted, the temperatures were going up (still not where they should be!), and several blankets were removed. Lily rolled immediately!

Harmony and MyLight

Slinky in front of the fence, Chance and Trigger behind the fence

Dustin and Homer

Levendi and Chance

Missy was very happy to have her blanket removed

B-Rad, Sebastian, Ogie and Faune enjoying the sunny day

Cloudy the cat was soaking up the sun, he climbed up on the truck to maximize his exposure

Cloudy; such a handsome guy

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