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Theme Week

This week has developed a very distinct theme and I am now thinking of it as “vet week.” We saw the vet at the farm on Monday and made a trip to the clinic so twice in one day. By Monday afternoon Jason and I were kind of joking and kind of seriously saying that we were not going to look at another horse because every time we did we found another issue needing veterinary attention. Then today (Tuesday) came and brought with it another vet visit. Guess what we already have scheduled for tomorrow morning? That’s right, you guessed it, a vet visit.

Thankfully no one has lost a limb or done any serious damage and with horses we all know that is entirely possible. I have said before that they could live behind foam fencing on laser leveled land with no trees in sight and still manage to maim themselves. Horses are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to self inflicted wounds. We somehow managed to go through the months of January, February, March and the first half of April with no vet visits at all. That has never happened before and our main vet even called to make sure we were still alive and well. I knew that streak was going to end in a spectacular way and this week especially has proven that to be true.

The good news is that tomorrow’s visit was one that I actually scheduled last week for some routine things and follow-up checks. But still, after tomorrow morning we will have seen a vet four times this week and it will only be Wednesday morning.

Looking at my calendar next week already has a theme going, farrier week. I really like our vets but usually when we are seeing them it means everything is not going exactly as expected. So here’s to farrier week next week!


Gibson and Gus waiting for breakfast under a pretty morning sky

Silky, Lily and MyLight waiting to be fed

Cinnamon and Maisie

Chance and Homer

Levendi and Thomas

Slinky pony, almost 40 years young and still full of attitude

Kennedy, Largo and Walon

Trigger, Homer and Moe

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