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Then and Now

I found myself looking through some pictures of our residents in their “former lives.” Most of these pictures have been posted in their meet the residents posts for anyone who cares to scroll back through them. Anyway, it was fun for me to look at their pictures prior to retirement and then scrolling through their pictures since they came to our farm to retire. I enjoyed looking at these Then and Now comparisons and I hope you do as well.

Apollo being a dressage horse

Apollo galloping through the pasture followed by Thomas

Elfin showing in the hunters

Elfin living a carefree retired life

Asterik being a jumper

Asterik now puts his athleticism to use for other purposes such as playing with Lotus

Clayton as a dressage horse

Clayton resting his head on his pal Stormy

Cuff Links being a pony hunter super star

Cuffie is now part of the pony power club along with pals Norman and Traveller

Murphy showing how brave and athletic he is on cross country

Now Murphy needs “safety in numbers” in order to look at a baby stroller

Sam before he ever made it to North America. He is either 3 or 4 in this picture of him taken at one of the big auctions in Germany where he was purchased by his mom.

Sam now hangs out with Jason in Tennessee

Sebastian posing for his mom’s holiday card one year; note the still dark mane

Sebastian posing in the early morning fog

Lily showing off her prowess in the jumper ring

Lily hanging out with her friend Maisie

Norman showing off his perfect form in the pony hunters

These days Norman is quite the ladies man. Here is Calimba letting Norman know how much she looooooves him

Kennedy at a dressage show

Kennedy in the very center napping with friends Rocky, Largo and Oskar

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