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Timbit at Work

Since Carter has been seeing me ride lately he has had a renewed enthusiasm for riding Timbit. Timbit’s pasture puff status has been ever so slightly endangered by the 15 minutes of “work” he does a couple of days per week. Carter rides him bareback with a halter and practices things like walking, stopping and turning. Then I jog along and we all do a little bit of trotting. We cover a lot of ground at the trot, at least 20 steps. For the grand finale Carter goes back and forth a couple of times over the world’s smallest jump.

As happens when we do things with Sparky, Timbit tends to attract a lot of attention from the other horses when he’s not in his pasture grazing. Carter and Timbit strut their stuff in front of a peanut gallery that at times is impressively large. Timbit, like Sparky, knows he is a rockstar and is not at all surprised to have fans watching him. In fact, I’m sure Timbit regularly tweets about having the biggest audience, and the best audience. That’s how Timbit rolls.

Carter, Timbit and I ready to ride


Kate assisting Carter and Timbit over their tiny jump while Cino watched


George, Gibson and Asterik watching Timbit at work


Sabrina, Sparky and Bonnie were also part of the audience


Romeo and Lotus were fascinated while watching Timbit


Miel and Quigly


Sam and Mick


Maisie and MyLight


Dolly and Lily


Convey and Chance


Lighty and Happy


Fabrizzio and Alfie


Rocky and Toledo


Gus and Roho


a better look at Roho


Magic, Squirrel and Sushi


a better look at Magic and Squirrel




Walon napping while Gus and Roho ate hay

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