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We’ve been taking advantage of the wonderful weather the last few days to get things done. Jason has been re-seeding some of the pastures and I’ve been using the shedding blade a lot. Jason has also been servicing equipment, doing repairs and generally getting ready to be going all out with equipment. It is the season.

To put things succintly, dealing with equipment is annoying, irritating and frustrating. We’ve had many trips to Home Depot, Tractor Supply, the Co-op and other similar places getting parts and replacing tools. Only Jason could manage to break a pipe wrench while using it.

Then we didn’t have impact sockets that were big enough. The farm shop is overflowing with sockets, it seems like one of them might be big enough, but what do I know? I will admit I got a bit irritated when Jason bought another set of impact sockets at Home Depot, and then said as we were walking out of the store he made the comment that none of them were big enough and he had most of the sizes already. I just looked at him. I’m pretty sure my expression conveyed well what was I was thinking. The next day he went to another hardware store and bought more impact sockets. Thankfully these were big enough.

Why did we buy these Jason if we already had most of these sizes and they weren’t big enough? ENLIGHTEN ME.

Jason found a way to get the box blade up to the shop to repair one of the arms.

Carter’s comment to Jason as I took this picture was “Dad, you’re sweat.” Carter is very observant at times. Undoubtedly Jason was thinking that if he’d had an impact socket that was big enough he wouldn’t have been sweating quite as much.

If anyone needs any impact sockets you can borrow 1 or 30 from us. We have all sizes, many of them in at least triplicate.


Flyer and Silver

Elfin, Moe and Homer

River and Toledo

Nemo and Taco

Cino and Bruno


Apollo, Thomas, Levendi and Hemi

Duesy and Merlin

Nemo watching Blu get dirty

Cuff Links

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