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Triumphant Return

Yesterday was an exciting day for one group of horses. One of their family members, Lotus, left a few weeks ago to see if a return to work was going to be possible. Although it became quickly apparent that he was not going to be able to return to work Lotus is pretty happy with how things worked out. His wonderful mom sent him back to our farm so he could resume his previously scheduled life of retirement.

Lotus quite enjoys the retired life. He is very active and is always right in the middle of anything that is going on his group. He is rarely watching from the sidelines, he likes to be an active participant. After giving him some time to settle in, Lotus made his triumphant return to his family group early yesterday morning.

It was a pretty uneventful return, but fun to watch. It had only been a few weeks so there was no need for re-introductions, everybody remembered each other. Lotus ran out and started handing out high fives to all of his friends. Then they joined him for a victory lap around the pasture, there was another few minutes with a few of the horses strutting around at the trot and canter as they worked through their excited energy, and then it was over. I took several pictures of Lotus’ return, I hope you enjoy watching the events of the morning through them.


The sun was rising and it was a beautiful morning

Faune and Lofty grazing as the sun was rising; everyone was very peaceful

Lofty and Faune were the first horses Lotus reached in the pasture. Everyone exchanged hi-fives and nose sniffs

George, Asterik and Silver realized Lotus was sniffing noses with Lofty and Faune

Gibson and Flyer also noticed Lotus

Lotus leading everyone on a victory lap as he celebrated his return; Lotus is followed by Silver, Cocomo, George, Flyer and Gus

Lotus, Silver and Cocomo kicked things up a gear and pulled away from the rest of the horses

I like how Silver and Lotus are at the exact same point in their stride in this picture (they are followed by Cocomo). As you can see by the change of the light in the picture the sun had finished rising. I love watching the colors change during a pretty sunrise.

Gus and George

Flyer, Faune and Asterik

Lofty and Gibson

Lotus, Cocomo and Gus

Lotus, Cocomo, Donneur and Gus

Romeo and Gibson

Gibson, Romeo and Silver

Romeo, Silver, Lotus and Cocomo making the final victory pass

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