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Typical Scenes Around The Farm

So much for avoiding dirty horses with the gravel! I always thought Lucky rolled after eating because he was conveniently located in dirt or mud. Apparently that was not the only motivation.

Lily and Missy grazing; nothing too exciting here but a typical scene of horses quietly grazing

O’Reilly and Lucky enjoying a grooming session.

Trooper and Bella playing. Trooper is our 3-legged black lab mix and Bella is a border collie. Don’t feel sorry for Trooper, he is always the instigator and loves to play rough and run hard. He usually wears Bella out!

Chili, Teddy, and Silky grazing. Chili is a Quarter Horse and he worked cattle and was also a trail partner. Teddy is a Quarter Horse retired from dressage. Silky is a large pony who showed in pony equitation.

Snappy, Lucky and Mr. O’Reilly. Snappy is a Polish bred gelding who competed through the four star level in eventing, and then he became a winning show hunter. Lucky is a Quarter Horse and retired trail horse. Mr. O’Reilly is an Irish bred gelding retired from the jumpers.

One of my favorite pictures of MyLight. She is such a sweet mare and I love her expression in this picture. MyLight is a Thoroughbred and retired from dressage.

Harmony and Missy grazing together. Harmony is a Thoroughbred and retired polo pony. Missy is a large pony and spent most of her life working on a dude ranch.

Thomas walking through the pasture. What a handsome guy he is! Thomas is a Holsteiner and retired dressage horse.

Ogie and B-Rad hanging out. Ogie is a Thoroughbred and retired eventer. B-Rad is a Belgian Warmblood and retired jumper.

Trillion and Faune grazing. Trillion is a Dutch Warmblood and Faune is a Selle Francais. Both were perpetual winners in the Regular Working Hunters and they even competed against each other.

Asterik and Winston grazing. Asterik is a Holsteiner and he showed on the A circuit in both the hunters and the jumpers. Winston is a Thoroughbred and retired show hunter.

Homer, Trigger and Baby. Homer is an Irish bred gelding, Trigger is an Appendix Quarter Horse, and Baby is Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross. All three are retired show hunters.

Homer, Leo, Elfin and Thomas. Leo is a Dutch Warmblood who competed through 4th level in dressage before becoming a show hunter. Elfin is a Thoroughbred and retired show hunter.

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