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Watching the Sun Rise and Other Happenings

I had a really early morning one day last week (more on that in a later post). So early that it was still completely dark when I was first outside so I had the opportunity to watch the sun rise. I am not a super early rising type of person by choice, although sometimes I am already outside when the sun is just starting to come up. Usually I’m busy doing something and although I’m peripherally aware of the gorgeous colors breaking across the sky I’m not actually watching it happen aside from the occasional glance to appreciate the beauty for a second. I took the opportunity last week to actually sit on one of the benches in front of the barn and watch the sun rise. Everyone should do this from time to time, it is such a peaceful and joyful experience.

The last few days were busy with the usual stuff around here. Gwen the farrier was here on Friday so that is always a busy day. Jason spent what I’m sure seemed to him like a million hours replacing a part on one of the tractors on Saturday. He had to replace the exhaust pipe off the manifold thanks to hitting a tree branch. Apparently it was one of those things where he had to take apart half the tractor to be able to get to the part to take it out and replace it. Of course he then had to put the tractor back together after replacing the part. I have to say he was quite proud of himself after completing that project. When he made the comment that he was not only impressed that he had done it but the tractor “still ran perfectly” it kind of made me wonder if he should have done this himself!

Sunday morning I kept freaking myself out over stupid things. Ever since we had our rash of visitors in the barn whenever I see Cloudy or Olivia, our two barn cats, I always think they are a raccoon for a second. I went to open the door of my tack room this morning to feed the cats and say a gray thing out of the corner of my eye sitting on a chair and I freaked thinking it was another raccoon. I tentatively looked back in the tack room to double check and it was just Olivia.

Then when I was feeding I went to put Dustin’s feedbag on his head and there was a big, fat tick right in the middle of his forelock. My first thought was “gross!” I hate ticks, especially fat ticks. So I pulled it off and smashed it with my foot, ugh. Then when I was scrubbing the pet cows’ 300 gallon water trough I felt something on my arm. I looked down and it was a huge spider crawling on me. That really got me going as I screamed and tried to flick it off me. Of course I didn’t see where it went so I was convinced it had simply been relocated to another part of my body and I kept slapping myself and twisting in circles trying to find the spider. I was oogied out about that for a good hour and kept checking myself for spiders. Who am I kidding, I am still convinced I have a spider on me somewhere as I sit at my desk almost 10 hours later. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and be past the spider incident.

Watching the sunrise from the barn

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