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Water Woes

Over the weekend Jason had the (dis)pleasure of dealing with a big water leak. You will recall that several years ago this happened too often. One of the many times we’ve had the lesson of, “if you want something done right do it yourself” driven home to us is with our water lines. We have more than a mile of water lines on the farm with several branches off the main line going to each barn and water trough. The first half mile of water lines we did ourselves and we paid someone to install the second half.

Over the course of about 2 years it seemed that we replaced every junction in the line that we hadn’t installed ourselves. Then we had a several year break from dealing with emergency water leaks since we had replaced everything with our own work, that is until Sunday. When Jason was mowing the grass on Sunday he discovered an area of standing water on completely mushy ground. We hadn’t had any rain so he knew it was a bad leak. This happened to be right in the general area of a junction with a pressure regulator.

Jason had the misfortune of digging down to the water line, baling out all of the water, dismantling the leaking junction, then rebuilding it. it appeared to be a straightforward repair. After waiting a few hours for everything to set and dry we turned the water back on and all appeared to be well. We watched the line for awhile to make sure there was no leak, and then went back to work.  When I went to use the hose at the end of that line I realized we had another problem. There was so much water pressure on the hose I had to use two hands to control it. Jason put his handy meter on the end of the hose and recorded 130psi of water pressure. Apparently all of the digging and wiggling had caused the pressure regulator next to the leak to the fail, as it was no longer regulating anything.  Thus, Jason got to take everything apart for a second time, which was exactly what he was hoping for, and install another pressure regulator.

The second repair got everything completely back to normal, non-leaking function. We both hope it will be another several years, or even better decades or never, before Jason has to have a mud-fest repairing a water line leak.  Just another day in the life.

Jason had good supervision as he began digging down to the water line

I really felt for Jason, dealing with plumbing issues has got to be one of the worst jobs on this farm

Duesy, Bruno and Cody

Baner, Dooley, Bruno and Art

Sport, Bruno and Havana

Remmy and Renny

Diamond, Charlotte and Cuffie

Gracie and Cuffie

Traveller and Jake

Maddie and Maggie

Taylor and Alfie

Jake and Missy

Cody and Merlin

Maisie and Lily

Diamond and Dawn

Penny, Maggie and Cinnamon

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