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Webbs in the Wild

Even by farm standards in our area (as opposed to subdivision standards) I think our farm has a lot of wildlife on it. This is definitely due to the permanent water sources located on our farm. We have a spring that originates on our farm. The spring has never gone dry, not even in severe droughts. The spring feeds into a small creek on our farm, which feeds into a larger creek after it leaves our farm.

Jason and I often take an evening walk on our mile long driveway and we see the usual deer, turkeys, coyotes, foxes and of course droves of rabbits.  I’ve also seen the same bobcat at the spring twice and managed to get a picture of it once.  I recently saw a mink early one morning. I was so fascinated by the mink sighting Jason and I decided to get a cheap game camera. We placed it where our driveway crosses over the spring, which is where I saw the bobcat and the mink.

The camera has only been operating for 36 hours and apparently doesn’t take nighttime pictures (there were none on the SD card). Thus far we’ve only gotten pictures of ourselves. I refer to the pictures as the “Webbs in the wild.” Maybe one day I’ll have more exciting game camera pictures to share with you other than Webbs in the wild.

the first “Webbs in the wild” pictures appears to be Jason kind of sort of giving the game camera the finger

Jason and I on an evening walk the first day the camera was up. Jason is reading the manual to the camera as he walks so he could figure out how to look at the pictures

Another Webb in the wild. Carter giving the game camera an inquisitive look.

another picture of the Webb family on their evening walk/bike ride

the utility vehicle, a frequent sighting on the Paradigm Farms game camera

The only new wild species we’ve seen on the camera so far. I have no idea where this cute dog came from, have never seen this dog, and apparently it didn’t hang around long. I’m guessing it is a Collie or collie mix.

The Paradigm Farms game camera captured some pictures of first cutting hay getting delivered to one of our hay barns

Note Jason is looking at the game camera as he drives by. In every game camera picture he is looking at the camera

We have a lot of pictures of Ewen on our game camera

tractors are a frequent sighting on the Paradigm Farms game camera

This picture of Jason on the lawnmower cracks me up more than it should. He’s sitting ramrod straight on the lawnmower, like someone shoved a stick up his @ss that goes all the way up his back.

Jason staring at the game camera again

Baby, Convey and Trigger

Ricardo and Convey

Levendi, Thomas and Revy

Apollo and Thomas

Revy and Hemi

Chance and Convey

Inti and Levendi

Moe and Convey

Cisco and Inti

Rubrico, Sushi and Squirrel

Squirrel and Sushi

Ripley and Wilson

Franklin and Toledo



Rubrico and Rocky

Thomas and Rey

Trigger and Thomas

Faisal and King

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