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Webbs in the Wild, Part Two

You might recall that Jason and I decided it was long past time to spy on the wildlife on our farm. We’ve had many sightings of everything from deer to mink to a bobcat and decided it was time to try and get some pictures. If nothing else, this never ending quarantine has given us the time to do some fun things like install our game camera and obsessively look at the pictures.  Our driveway crosses over a spring that originates on our farm and we installed the game camera at this point on our driveway.  Our game camera still records dozens of pictures of us every day. Us in vehicles, on tractors, bikes, walking, leading horses, on the utility vehicle, me riding, it is amazing how many times we go up and down our driveway in a single day. Our game camera has also captured some interesting wildlife pictures. Below are some more pictures of the Webbs in the wild, along with the wildlife on Paradigm Farms.

Carter and I take turns riding the Fjord

Jason wearing the shirt I gave him for father’s day. “Go ask your mom.” His favorite answer to any question

Jason looking not thrilled to be dragging Sparky the donkey along the driveway

lots of deer pictures on the game camera

a crow coming in for landing

A bobcat crossing the driveway (look to the left). Before anyone asks, bobcats are small (about 20ish pounds) and no danger to horses, ponies, cows, etc. They eat rabbits, mice, squirrels, opossums, etc.

a coyote trotting off with a rabbit in his mouth

Bear and Elf

Gus and George

Happy and Lighty

Bear and Johnny

Elf, Bear and Indy

Gibson and Moses

Donneur and Silver

George and Doni

Fendi and Ralph

Cocomo and Gus

Romeo and Lotus

Sam and Ascot

Taco and Quigly

B-Rad, Blu and Sebastian

Digby and Paramount

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