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Welcome Back Grand

We welcomed back a familiar face recently. Grand, a thoroughbred jumper, rejoined us after some time away. Grand lived with us for some R&R and then was able to return to work. He is now back to join us for full retirement. Grand is a definite family member here. His “brother” Ivan has been retired with us for a few years. Grand and Ivan are very lucky to have a wonderful owner who takes amazing care of both of them.


Ivan saying to Grand “hey, I know you!”

In my opinion Grand really epitomizes the thoroughbred sport horse. He looks like an athlete even when he is motionless. He had a lot of heart and also a lot of scope, which he demonstrated in his ability to jump high and wide. I’m told he also had an impressive buck that could send even the best of riders airborne when they weren’t expecting it!

Grand showing off his good looks for the camera

Grand racing around the paddock

It is always nice to welcome back a friend – welcome back Grand!

Grand grazing with Trigger


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