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Welcome Cuff Links and Happy Birthday!!

I just edited my post as I learned some vital information a minute ago – April 1st is Cuffie’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUFFIE – your present is joining us for retirement!!!

As I mentioned in my last post we recently had a new arrival join us for retirement. Cuff Links joined us this past Friday after travelling from California, delivered by Hubbard Horse Transportation. Every retiree we have here from the west coast has travelled to us via Hubbard and we’ve yet to have anything but a good experience. “Cuffie” walked off the trailer alert and happy and immediately drug me over to the grass and started grazing. That has pretty much been his main desire since arrival, he is a lawn mower extraordinaire!

Does it get any cuter than this??

Cuffie in his favorite position – head down and grazing; he came to the right place for that!

stretching his legs

Cuffie and his young rider all decked out; I would guess they were getting ready for an equitation class since he has his boots on.

Cuffie and his young rider in the short stirrup division

Cuffie is well loved by the family who has owned him for the last few years. He has taken great care of both of their daughters. Unfortunately his time with their youngest daughter was cut short due to his retirement. Luckily for Cuffie they all want the best for him, and instead of pushing him anymore and trying to keep him going they decided to give him the retirement he has earned. On top of that they chose to ship him to our farm where he could enjoy life in big, grass pastures and let him return to the grazing that he loves so much. They definitely made the right decision in that regard, like I mentioned Cuffie is a VERY dedicated grazer! I expect that he will eventually lift his head from grazing after he gets to be out in a grass paddock for longer periods of time. We will be using the next month to continue to slowly re-introduce his digestive tract to grass.

Cuffie and his rider both look very focused (and oh so CUTE) in this picture

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our first few days getting to know Cuffie. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is actually my job, not just what I want to do because it is fun every day. Taking care of a pony as sweet and cute as Cuffie is simply a very easy way to pass the time! It is ok to admit that you are jealous. I will admit that I have been gloating ever since he arrived. Hey, all of us horse crazy girls all dreamed of having the cutest pony around to call our very own. Well I can’t officially call him mine but he does live with me now! My own childhood pony Daisy was an amazing pony and loved dearly by not only me but my entire family until the day she passed away. I have to admit though that Cuffie wins the cute contest. He also came complete with his very own purple Rambo Wug blanket. The cute factor is downright painful!

It has been my pleasure to introduce Cuff Links and to welcome him to our farm. We have a few more future residents waiting in the “queue” to join us for retirement. I’m looking forward to meeting each one of them in the upcoming weeks and months. What a great life!


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